Back from the summit

I just got back from the summit; an amazing event called the Coaching Summit. I feel energized, encouraged, and motivated to take what I learned and put it into practice. Have you ever felt that “high” after attending a conference or event and want to keep that going? You are excited about learning something new. You are inspired to take action and do the things you heard the speakers talk about. We’ve all been in that state and then walked in the door to our house and are immediately hit with the reality that it’s going to be hard to keep that “high” going.

Avoid the Crash

The first thing we have to do is to avoid the crash that comes from being pumped up and excited for a few days straight and then coming back to your regular everyday life. But how? The event is over, the speakers have moved on to their next event and all of the attendees have gone back to their homes. Are we now left to fend for ourselves, grasping to find any scrap of excitement left over? NO! It is an amazing fact of life now that it is possible to stay connected to others from all around the globe. You probably met a bunch of people who also want to keep that feeling going. So do the very simple that many people don’t do after an event, keep the connection going. Reach out to people you met. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Set up zoom sessions to discuss the conference and how they are using the knowledge they gained and encourage each other. Those connections are every bit as valuable as the content you heard at the conference.

Remember That Feeling

Holding onto that feeling seems to be so difficult to do. Is there a way to keep that going? What’s the trick? Write it down. Does that seem too simple? Well good! It’s supposed to be. Don’t overcomplicate this. Write down how you were feeling at the conference. Write down how it felt to connect with others. Write down how you felt when the speakers were on stage delivering awesome insights to you. Capture your state of being so that you can read it later and bring those feelings up again. Another great way is to make a video about how you felt. Just take out your phone and start talking about your excitement about what one of the speakers said or your aha moment that led you to some great ideas. Maybe one of the speakers told a touching story that had you on the verge of tears. Tell others how that made you feel. This will help you to hold onto those feeling and also encourage others to be open about their feelings as well.

Make a Change

The tragedy of many conferences and events is when the attendees, after hearing amazing stories, insights, and teachings, go back to their lives and do not implement the knowledge they were exposed to. Don’t let the speaker’s efforts be in vain. Take what you have learned and apply it to your life. Make changes and use the information that you probably paid a lot of money to hear. Did they challenge you and push you to do something in your career or at home? Then do it! Don’t complain about coming home and losing that high if you don’t put in the effort to move forward. The best way to keep those feelings going is to work hard to use what you were taught. Work to infuse your life with the tips you heard. As you grow and improve, you will see that those feelings come back as you celebrate your successes. Be grateful for the opportunity you were given to be in the presence of great speakers and also to have been a part of an audience that is going to use what they learned.

Recognize the Reality

As you get back from the summit and resume your daily life, there will probably be things that stand out to you now that you never paid attention to before. The new knowledge you have will help you to see things in a different light and it might be a bit overwhelming. Maybe you learned about productivity and now see that your schedule and priorities are out of whack. Or you could have learned about health and wellness and now see how your eating and exercise habits need to change. These realizations can hurt. They can bring on anxiety and even depression. You’re thinking “I went to the conference to learn and make my life better but this is too hard”. Take a breath. Look over your notes from the event and just pick one thing to work on. It doesn’t have to be done all at once. The speakers have condensed many years of work into their keynote talks so don’t feel the need to do everything right now. Make a plan to implement one thing and then move on to another.

Honor Your Guides

Lastly, I want you to honor the speakers, teachers, and coaches by taking what they taught you and implementing it in your life. They are up there because they want to serve you, and impart their knowledge to you so you can have a better life. Honor them by looking over your notes and making a plan to put them to use. Some of them might be very challenging. For some of them, you might need to get a coach to help you further. Don’t let their time on stage be wasted. Knowledge without action is meaningless. Keep the conference high going by going out and using that motivation to make important changes.

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