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What is it about change that makes it so difficult to actually do? I’m sure there are hundreds of things over the course of my life that I have wanted to change but never actually did. I would like to be more confident but do I make the changes necessary to make that happen? I want to stop procrastinating, be more productive, communicate better with my wife, be more affectionate with my children, and the list goes on. In order to accomplish these things, I would need to change something right?

Fear of Change

One of the biggest barriers to change is fear. Somewhere along the way we started seeing change as scary. What if we fail? What if it makes things worse? What if I don’t like it? We could come up with any number of “What ifs” to justify not making a change but what we need to do is come up with a list of reasons the fear is not real. I haven’t done extensive research but I don’t believe anyone has ever died from trying to change something about their life. We’re not talking about life and death matters, we’re talking about learning some new skills and actually using them in our daily life. What could be so scary about that?

Something New

In my professional experience, I have seen many people shy away from trying something new. Whether it’s a new software package, new process, or even a new computer, people don’t like to change up the way they do things even if they know the new way is better. They will put more effort into trying to not change, than actually working on the new way that would make them better. We do this in our personal lives too and it’s baffling to me. We know what we should do. We even have a pretty good idea that it will make our lives better. But we still hold onto the old way that isn’t even working in the first place. I see it in my own life and I can feel myself getting frustrated just writing this. Why wouldn’t we want better?

What Do You Want To Change?

I’d like you to think about a few things that you would like to change in your life. I encourage you to write them down in your journal today. Just get a list of a few things that you know would make your life better that maybe you just haven’t committed to. Next to each one of those things, write down how it would feel to have that change in place. What would your life be like? Would it improve your relationships? Improve your productivity? Improve your confidence? Write down what the outcome would likely be. Now write down any negative ideas or barriers that are in your way. As you write these down, think about how you could get past these to make it happen. Are they really major roadblocks or something you have placed in the way to avoid change?

Change Before You HAVE To

I will be releasing a video course in the next few weeks dealing with the process of changing. I came up with this idea about changing before you have to, doing it on your own terms. Change shouldn’t be scary. We should look at change excitedly. We should want to work on improving ourselves before it gets to a point where we are forced to change. Keep an eye out for more information regarding this new course. If you would like to receive updates, enter your email into the popup on this blog and I’ll send out information on new blog entries and new courses. Have a great day and remember, don’t just live, Flourish!

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